• Andrew Lewis

New Radiant Tube Heater for Boyriven Ltd

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

A new Powrmatic radiant tube heater for Boyriven Ltd, The Fairground, Weyhill, Andover, Hampshire.

Previously the warehouse had been heated by 4 ceiling suspended warm air blowers relying on destratifiaction fans to push the warm air down to ground level to benefit the staff below. Costly, especially as a large roller shutter door at goods receiving is open at various times.

The addition of a 30kW U tube heater will now ensure that a temperature set by the staff is maintained in the main work area in one corner of the warehouse.

Look forward to lower heating bills Boyriven! (Caveat - they were down to their last heater, the previous 3 having been unsafe had been condemned over the previous 3 years).

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